I joined multimedia journalism field in 2011, assisted multimedia journalist D J Clark with several media reports such as “the Food Crisis in Asia”, “Rural China”, “London Olympic” etc.

Finished master’s degree in International Multimedia Journalist (IMMJ – MA) at 2013, started working as multimedia freelancer with The EconomistChinaDailyUNICEF on long-term cooperation of multimedia story telling. And produced multimedia book <China and it’s islands>.

From 2014 – 2017, I worked as multimedia producer with CGTN(China Global Television Network), in charge of running it’s social media platforms, transferring TV news to forms that better fit different social media pages. Now the official social media page of CGTN is the largest news page in the world. At the same time I also led a team in producing multimedia documentaries for multiple platforms, long-term responsible for
series “ChinaStartups”, human-interested story “1.3 Billion”, also produced multimedia page “Voices of Tibet” and Mobile H5 interactive page “Rural Recovery”.

My personal interests include storytelling with multiple tools, including traditional ways: graphics, videos, text, photos, and also new ways like VR, interactive pages, mobile storytelling and so on. My current research interest is how new technology impacts the storytelling in the news industry, both in terms of the news’ input and output.

I believe that there is a story behind every person or event, and these stories deserve a better way to be told.