Life in Tibet

Unreported Tibet

The ancient land of Tibet has witnessed phenomenal changes since it became an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China in 1965.

Coverage of Tibet by global media is often dominated by a single narrative, concentrating on the region’s political relationship with the rest of China. But Tibet is a place with multiple narratives and stories that are all too often ignored and overlooked.

A region steeped in religious symbolism and with a history stretching millennia, today’s Tibet faces challenges of development, and of how to embrace modernity while holding onto its traditions.

The CCTVNEWS multimedia team travelled to Lhasa, the economic, cultural and political center of Tibet, and Shannan area, the birthplace of Tibetan ethnicity, to uncover the lives of ordinary Tibetans that remain mostly unreported.

Here is one of my best video story from the series, you can also Check for the Multimieda page:

9000 DAYS WITH THE SHEEP from Lester Xu on Vimeo.