Child sexual abuse in rural China

Rural Recovery – Ep5

It’s a project that I worked together with CCTVNEWS reporter Feng Xin in 2106 about rural China, I worked as a Multimedia Producer of this project, mainly in charged of the multimedia story telling including VR video shooting  and H5 interactive page design,  also worked as cameraman for Ep.3: Village finance co-op provides pension care and Ep. 5: Sexual abuse poses severe danger to rural children

And Here is some information about The Ep.5 which is the last story of this project and also the heaviest topic :

We will end the Rural Recovery series on a heavy note: child sexual abuse in rural China. We lack official numbers to demonstrate the magnitude of such crimes, but compiled media reports from 2015 showed that more than 70 percent of the victims were between 7 and 14 years old. The lack of care and surveillance in rural society often makes children especially vulnerable to sexual abuse. We traveled to a village in Tieling, in northwestern Liaoning province, where several young girls have fallen victim to one particular predator over a long period. We hear the voices of the victims’ families and look at what can be done to better guard China’s rural children. To protect the victims and their families’privacy, their names have been concealed in this story.

Child sexual abuse in rural China from Lester Xu on Vimeo.